Customer Experience Pitfalls

Customer service in Japan

Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) attract the interests of businesspeople in Japan. Google “Customer Experience” in Katakana, and you get 50 million search results. User Experience – over 4 million. We also notice that many companies are conducting customer research for their products and services. We recognize that companies are trying to enrich their customers’ experiences. There is a gap… Looking back on our daily lives, we do not have good customer experiences every day, though. In Japan, it is relatively easy to find consumer products that give us good user experiences. Store clerks are polite. But, what customers remember is the overall customer experience. No matter how […]

Influence of Majority

Standing in Line

Queuing is a part of Japanese habits. In rush hours, people stand in line to wait for trains to get on. At amusement parks such as Disneyland, people wait for one or two hours to get into popular attractions. Likewise, people are queuing up in front of restaurants or food shops to get in. Queues mean sales growth. My recent experience tells how the first customer attracts more people quickly in Japan. A Customer attracts customers On a Saturday afternoon, I was looking around dishes for dinner in the food section at the department store. I stopped by a cheese counter where a store woman was offering small pieces of […]