Understand the landscape before going deeper


We are a local resource for you. Our desk research and exploratory research help you find focus opportunities even with subtle but essential insights in Japan.


Desk Research

  • Library research
    • Get information from libraries, including National Diet Library, which is NOT on the internet.
  • Published information in Japanese only.
    • Translate them into English with their background and contextual information

We double-check the information sources and data collection methods to ensure the information quality.

Exploratory Observations

  • Naturalistic observation
    • Observe behaviors of customers at the same site (e.g. restaurants and retail shops)
  • In-store observation research
    •  Get insights into the store environment, their products, and services from the shopper’s viewpoint.
observation research

Whether you would like to get more information on what we can do for you, please contact us.

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