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Discover the untapped potential of the Japanese market with our tailored market research services. We specialize in identifying and analyzing subtle but essential market trends and provide the insights you need to make informed business decisions.

Information Synthesis

Secondary Research

Our secondary research in Japan involves collecting and analyzing information from various sources, including published reports and government statistics that are locally available. 

Contextual Translation

Our approach involves accurately translating Japanese materials into English and providing background and contextual information by ensuring factors including cultural nuances and industry-specific jargon.


Exploratory Observations

Naturalistic Observation

Our approach involves observing and recording people’s behaviors in their natural environments without controlling any variables. Studying behavior in the real world helps you better understand how people behave and interact in their everyday lives.

Ethnographic Research

This approach involves spending extended time in the field and engaging with community members through participant observation and interviews. We conduct the research online and offline, depending on the research objectives.

observation research
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