Discover Inspiring Insights

We help global companies gain insights into Japanese consumers going beyond collecting information.

Market Insights Exploration

Puzzling about the Japanese market, Japanese culture, and Japanese users? Beyond translation, we collect locally available up-to-date information and trend of the market, culture, and consumers by decoding implicit contexts for you.

Consumer insight

User Insights beyond translation

How do you get insights and experiences of users who are in the high context culture like Japan? Beyond the language translation, we help you read between the line and capture and decode consumer experience cues.

Sensory Insights Discovery

How do you know whether your products offer unique sensory esthetics that delights your users? We look into sensory cues in user experience to help you delight your users with your product design.

Five senses

Cultural fluency is essential

Make your business part of life experiences of Japanese consumers

Whether you would like to get more information on what we do, we would love to hear from you.

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