Oral Haptics of Doughnuts

Enhance Your Experience with Multi-Sensory Cues

It’s enjoyable to tune into Japanese TV food shows that showcase various restaurants and food shops from morning until night. These programs capture the details of the food, including how it appears when eaten. Additionally, the cameras focus on the reactions of the TV personalities and reporters as they indulge in the delicious cuisine. It’s a wonderful way to experience the joy of eating good food daily.

Exploring Tastes and Textures

Food provides more than just nutrition. It also offers sensory experiences when you bite and chew, such as the texture and flavor of a Curry Bun (カレーパン, Kare-Pan). The crispy outer crust, chewy texture, and pasty curry filling create a satisfying in-mouth experience. After eating, you feel full and content with the taste and volume of the food.

Curry Buns

Exploring Sensations of Skincare through Touch

Daily skincare routines provide haptic experiences that are just as satisfying as those from food. Japanese women, for example, use multiple products to keep their skin healthy and supple. They use facial cleansers, soap, and cosmetic water in the morning to moisturize their skin. The milky lotion is then applied to make the skin smooth before makeup. In the evening, facial cream and serum are used to revitalize the skin while sleeping. Additionally, some women use facial masks and steamers for further care.


Using multiple products in a skincare routine provides good facial care and makes the skin comfortable. For example, cosmetic water moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness after cleansing, while milky lotion soothes and softens it. The pleasant haptic experiences in the skincare routine make it feel like you’re taking good care of your skin.

Various Haptic Stimuli in Daily Life

We encounter various objects like food, cosmetics, and clothes that offer different tactile sensations in our daily lives. However, not all of these sensations are noticeable. Sometimes even the slightest texture difference, like silky versus smooth, can create a unique experience and leave a distinct memory.

Like other sensory experiences, haptic perceptions are vital in creating lasting product experiences. For instance, seeing a curry bun on Instagram may pique our interest. However, when we actually taste the curry bun, we truly appreciate its deliciousness. The chewy texture and distinct curry flavor leave a lasting impression on our memory, prompting us to purchase it repeatedly.

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