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Our Japan-based resources pay attention to even small things that can be influential but are overlooked in cross-cultural settings.

There are common human factors behind the different cultural context

“No matter how different any two cultures may appear to be on the surface, they are still created by a human being, and as such have deep similarities.”

– Inazo Nitobe (from BUSHIDO, The Samiurai Code of Japan)

High-context communication in Japan makes it complicated to get useful insights for companies with different cultures. Moreover, straightforward translation often overlooks subtle implications of what people mean to indicate. So, we deep-dive users’ insights and translate them for product and service innovation from market exploration to sensory insights research. Furthermore, we customize our approaches to your needs and requests.


observation research
Desk Research & Exploratory Observation

Before detailed work, we help you explore and quickly find focus opportunities in Japan.

User interview
User Insights Research

We help you get user insights even with explicit and implicit experience cues translating their meanings.

Taste testing drinks
Sensory Insights Research

We capture implicit and explicit sensory cues from consumers and trained sensory panels based on your needs.

Whether you would like to get more information on what we do, please contact us.

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