Listening sounds

Multifaceted Roles of Sound in Our Daily Lives

On a Saturday morning, leftover tasks from Friday evening made me sick. I could not feel relaxed until I finished them up. When I felt irritated, the sound: hooo-hoke-Kyo came outside. It was a singing of Uguisu (Japanese Bush Warbler). The clear and resounding voice of the Uguise swept away my irritations and cleared my mind. The singing of the Uguisu (Japanese Bush Warbler) calms me and makes me feel like I am in a peaceful forest. It naturally helps dissipate frustration with a challenging task, acting as therapy.

Uguisu (Japanese Bush Warbler)

Sounds Soothing Our Mood

It is not just music and natural sounds that have this effect, though. Sounds in our living environment can also have a soothing effect on our mood. For instance, music can calm us and make us forget our stress or anger.

Notification Melodies

In Japan, human speech is not the only way to communicate something to others. Melodies also tell something to people. For instance, melodies tell us about train departures at train stations in JR, subways, and other railways across Japan. These melodies inform passengers about train departures without causing any disturbance, particularly during busy morning and evening rush hours.

Unlike the US school bell, the school chime has a distinct and calming sound. This chime uses the melody of Westminster Chimes and has been used in elementary and junior high schools across the country for over fifty years. Its soothing sound helps to create a peaceful atmosphere and prepares students to start and end their classes at school.

Japanese School Chime

Sounds Stimulating Our Appetite

Apart from what we see and smell, sounds also play a significant role in communicating how the food is delicious. For instance, the sound of a carbonated drink can create a refreshing feeling even before taking a sip. Another example is the sizzling sound of a steak being cooked. The sizzling sound evokes the juicy juices coming out of a steak that has been grilled.

Thus, since sound also plays an essential role in making images vivid, the Japanese language has many onomatopoeias that symbolize sounds and voices in nature and the state and movement of things through sound.

Carbonated drink

The Power of Sensory Signals in Enhancing User Experience

A good cue can enhance the user experience, but sound alone can have a substantial impact. Incorporating multiple sensory signals, such as visuals and sounds, can make our experience with products and services more memorable.

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