Decode cultural contexts and insights for global business

Our mission is to facilitate identifying and translating insights in Japan to exploit them for global business. To this end, we use local resources and knowledge to understand user experiences and translate users’ explicit and implicit messages, even capturing subtle things.

About Us

 Japan Direct Research (JDR) is a Tokyo-based research agency, specializes in user research for product and service innovations.  Our clients include Japanese IT companies, global consumer goods companies, and global research agencies fueling product and service innovation.

Noriko Nakano

Noriko Nakano

Founder and CEO

Noriko is a founder and CEO of Japan Direct Research, with extended experience in qualitative and quantitative user research for product developments. She also has experience building sensory panels (e.g., Descriptive Analysis Panels and consumer panels) in Japan. Before founding JDR, Noriko worked for Procter and Gamble, Daio Paper, and Shinsei Bank. Until 2018, she worked for L’Oreal Japan as the head of the product evaluation in Japan’s Research & Innovation Center.

Central Tokyo

Central Tokyo, where our office is located, is a populous business district with many business and commercial buildings. In addition, this area has historical sites – Imperial Place and Kitanomaru Park give refreshment and relaxation to business people around this business district. 


Japan Direct Research Ltd
Chiyoda Platform Square
3-21 Kanda Nishiki-Cho, Tokyo 101-0054

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