Japan Direct Research Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Japan Direct Research”) hereby establishes the following stipulations pertaining to the handling of private information in the possession of Japan Direct Research, based upon Japan’s Private Information Protection Law and related laws and ordinances, the guidelines and policies determined by the Japanese government ministries pertaining to these said laws and ordinances, and private information protection management rules and other designations determined by Japan Direct Research.

Basic Policy Pertaining to the Handling of Private Information

Japan Direct Research hereby sets forth the following basic policy pertaining to the handling of private information.

Purposes for use of private information shall be specified, with notice provided to the parties in question upon acquisition of such information. Parties in question shall be informed of the sphere of users of private information, with the consent of such parties obtained as deemed necessary. A thorough system of control shall be adopted to prevent the divulgence of private information. The private information shall not be used for objectives outside of the stated purposes. The private information shall not be obtained in an illicit manner.

Private Information Use Purposes

Private information acquired by Japan Direct Research shall be used for the purpose of supplying services and know-how while notice shall be given of the use purposes at the time of acquisition.

Specific use examples include sales activities to supply proposals concerning services handled by Japan Direct Research service activities to furnish training and other services for clients.

Users of Private Information

Private information in the possession of Japan Direct Research shall be used only by Japan Direct Research. This stipulation shall not apply, however, in the following cases.

Procedures for Private Information Collection

  • With regard to private information in the possession of Japan Direct Research, parties wishing to be notified of the use purpose, or that wish to disclose, correct, make additions to, delete, terminate the use of or erase the contents of the information, halt the supply of data or take other actions are requested to direct such requests to Japan Direct Research.
  • Of the aforementioned requests, please be aware that notification of use purposes or disclosure of information contents shall require responses to the following matters.
  • Mailing of the following documents:
    • Copy of personal identification attesting that the requesting party is, in fact, the party in question or an official representative of that party.
    • A document describing the details of the specific request to Japan Direct Research
    • Agreement to grant a period of time necessary to respond to the request in question, not to exceed two (2) weeks.
    • Please be aware that there may be cases when it proves impossible to respond to such requests, including instances when responding to the requested details is in violation of the law, cases capable of resulting in conspicuous impediment to the business operations of Japan Direct Research, cases when it is deemed that no need exists for such responses in accordance with laws or regulations or under other circumstances.

Website Information Safety Control Measures

  • Japan Direct Research shall manage and store private information under a strict control system, making every possible effort to strengthen the level of security to ensure that the information of the parties in question is not lost, destroyed, falsified or divulged to third parties.
  • Japan Direct Research shall not assume responsibility in the rare event of damages suffered by the parties in question or third parties as a result of illicit actions by hackers or others that exceed the sphere of the security measures in force.

Private Information Inquiries

If you have any concerns, requests, complaints or questions that haven’t been covered, please contact us at, or at the following address: 

Japan Direct Research Ltd
Chiyoda Platform Square 3-21 Kanda Nishiki-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0054
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