Month: February 2019

Sounds affecting your mood

Listening sounds

When you hear Uguisu (Japanese Bush Warbler)’s singing, you may feel relaxed as if you are in a quiet forest. You may also feel that spring is coming soon by listening to the sound of Uguisu. Sounds can communicate how the environment would be. For example, The Uguisu’s singing reminds you of a quest forest because the bird inhabits in a mountainous forest. Furthermore, Uguisu also reminds you of the spring season because the bird starts singing in early spring to attract a mate. Sounds can retrieve memories relating to the objects, knowledge, and experiences that you have had. As a mood changer Sounds can change your mood, too. When […]

Scent Marketing: Smell influences


In the evening after work, your nose may catch a smell of smokey, grilled chicken on the street of Izakaya. The smell is coming from Yakitori-ya, a Japanese restaurant that charcoal-grills chicken on wooden skewers. The smell of Yakitori stimulates your appetite and get you to buy the food. A smell influencing the food taste A smell can indicate how tasty the food would be. For example, when you have a stuffy nose with cold, you cannot taste foods even though the foods should have a delicious taste. You may notice that you taste the food not only by your tongue and organs in the mouth but also your nose […]

Eating with the Eyes: Visuals tell

Japanese sweets

Appearance in food can be the cues for good foods Foods in Japan stimulate your multiple senses. Delicious foods have not only good tastes, but also good appearance, smells, and texture. Visuals are some of the key sensory cues for consumers to find good foods to eat. For example, consumers in Japan pick up a packaged Sashimi with bright, most and firm appearance as fresh fish at the supermarket. They also pick up strawberries with bright red color and glossy appearance as fresh ones when they buy and eat them as fresh fruit. Visuals can be important sensory cues for consumers especially to find fresh food ingredients to cook and […]