Sensory Testing with Consumers

Facial tissue paper

“We heard about Sensory evaluations. But what can sensory evaluations do for our product development?“ We answered this question by offering sensory workshops for our clients and sensory tests with consumers to meet their needs. The Context Our client, a consumer goods company, wanted to assess how consumers perceive facial tissue papers and what improvements their products needed to win against the competitors in the Japanese market. The Challenges #1. Interests in sensory testing, but no experiences First, the client asked us what sensory testing can do for their product development. They were interested in sensory testing because consumer surveys and focus group interviews did not direct what characteristics in […]

Remote Sensory Testing

Body care sensory test

“We want to set up a sensory panel. But we do not have any budgets for building sensory test facilities. We are also worried about covid-19 effects when doing sensory tests….” Indeed, the requirement of the sensory facility is one of the reasons our clients give up the development of sensory panels. In addition, the covid-19 pandemic is another reason they think of stopping any sensory testing. However, there is a solution to those issues when we think differently. We can conduct sensory testing with trained panelists by applying the principle of sensory testing in-home environments. The Context An FMCG company wanted to conduct sensory testing to evaluate Japanese sensory […]

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