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Why Senior Women Love Shopping

Elderly women shopping

Women love to shop. And the women’s love for shopping does not fade by age. One Thursday at 9:30 a.m., I passed by a supermarket and saw five to six women making a line in front of the supermarket. They were all around aged the late 60s to 80s wearing walking shoes. Some people held their shopping carts, and others held mobility aids. “Why do they come early even to wait for opening the supermarket? ” I wondered. There were not any bargain sales at the store. There were not any senior discounts for the store, either. When I saw these people again, I noticed that they were chatting with […]

Gaining Insights from Seniors

Communication with Elderly Woman

Interviewing senior people makes us well prepared. When I conducted a one-on-one interview with a woman aged around 65, I had to be in the interview room much ahead of time. Then, I prepared my mind for good listening and good observation. “Your respondent is here. Are you ready?” A receptionist told me 10 minutes before the appointment time. When the woman sat down in the interview room, she politely bowed and gave me a prepared smile. In this way, we begin our interview with a senior woman. Important, but Harder to Gain Insights Interviewing senior women give us opportunities to explore and yield profound and rich insights into daily […]

Heterogeneous Generations in Elderly

A couple of days ago, I took a train in the suburb area of Tokyo. It was just before lunchtime, the autumn sun shone sharply through the windows, and all was a little chilly. There was plenty of space and free from the rush-hour crush of workers and students. All Elderly, but Different Unlike trains during rush hours, I noticed that passengers on the train were quite different from the ones during the rush hours. A person next to me was a man with gray hair aged around 70s, typing messages awkwardly on his smartphone. On the opposite side, there were three women around in their 60s, chatting cheerfuly about […]

Seniors – An overlooked market

Japanese senior

 “You look young!” On a Saturday afternoon, I sat down on a chair at the entrance of a department store to rest my tired legs after shopping. At the entrance, there were two elderly women with silver hair sitting next to me and were talking to each other. “Do you often come to this department store?” asked one woman. “No, the first time in three months. I used to come here for shopping every week when I was young. I am too old now.” said another woman. Then, the woman nodded and asked, “I see. how old are you?” “I am 90 years old.” “Wow, you look so young! I […]