Month: November 2019

Gaining Insights from Seniors

Communication with Elderly Woman

Interviewing senior people makes us well prepared. When I conducted a one-on-one interview with a woman aged around 65, I had to be in the interview room much ahead of time. Then, I prepared my mind for good listening and good observation. “Your respondent is here. Are you ready?” A receptionist told me 10 minutes before the appointment time. When the woman sat down in the interview room, she politely bowed and gave me a prepared smile. In this way, we begin our interview with a senior woman. Important, but Harder to Gain Insights Interviewing senior women give us opportunities to explore and yield profound and rich insights into daily […]

Heterogeneous Generations in Elderly

A couple of days ago, I took a train in the suburb area of Tokyo. It was just before lunchtime, the autumn sun shone sharply through the windows, and all was a little chilly. There was plenty of space and free from the rush-hour crush of workers and students. All Elderly, but Different Unlike trains during rush hours, I noticed that passengers on the train were quite different from the ones during the rush hours. A person next to me was a man with gray hair aged around 70s, typing messages awkwardly on his smartphone. On the opposite side, there were three women around in their 60s, chatting cheerfuly about […]